About Us

Our Commitment

At A & T Company, we are a specialist manufacturer of Automatic Power Drawbars,
Our Power Drawbar are a quicker, simpler and more efficient way to change milling machine tools
for R8,NT30,NT40 and NT50 taper tool holders.
We live and breathe power drawbars.
At A & T Company, Design, development and production are all conducted in house to ensure exceptional
quality and reliability for all our customers.

Established in 1992, we are now the world’s No.1 producer of Automatic power Drawbars, our success
Stems from our extensive distrbution network, which has gained us worldwide acceptance of our
product. We currently produce over 200 units per month worldwide.

To A & T, we build our success around our customers. We pride ourselves on being customer driven
by putting ourselves in customer’s shoes. We aim to make a product that makes money for our customers by greatly saving them time and increasing productivity for their business.

Quality and Value
A & T is firmly committed to delivering high quality products at great value and consistent, reliable service at competitive prices to all our customers.

Research and Development
Our extensive range of Automatic Power Drawbars are a result of our on-going commitment to R&D.
We are constantly seeking new improvements to our products and postioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation and development in the machinery industry.

We are here to put you first!

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